Poultry Feed

BSF protein can substitute soya de-oiled cakes, a main component of poultry feed. Soya is a land, water and fertilizer intensive product. Unlike soya, BSF is not susceptible to weather patterns and price fluctuations. 

We provide a high quality and safe alternative, free from aflatoxin contamination that has affected many poultry feed sources.


Aquaculture Feed

BSF protein can substitute fishmeal, a main component of aquaculture feed. Global fish stocks are depleting from massive over-harvesting resulting in rising fishmeal prices. We provide a high quality alternative to the low-grade, low-value fish meal used in the market. 


Insect Oil

Insect oil can be extracted from BSFL and can be used as substitute for rich animal fats or plant oil in animal feed,  pet food, cosmetics, etc.