Aquaculture Protein Meal

Aquaculture farming

A high quality alternative to the low-grade, low-value fish meal used in the market. We are currently working to optimise our BSF protein meal for the various types of aquaculture.

Poultry Protein Meal

Poultry farming

A high quality and safe alternative to soya de-oiled cakes and soymeal, free from aflatoxin contamination that has affected many poultry feed sources. Our BSF poultry protein meal has been formulated for optimal protein content for poultry.


Insect oil that can substitute animal and plants oils

Oil extracted from out BSFL that can substitute rich animal fats or plant oil in animal feed, pet food, cosmetics, etc.

Why buy from us?

Higher Quality

Contains up to 60% protein when defatted.  Our secure facility and processing techniques ensure contamination free insects and only high quality protein meal.


Requires much less land space (~1000X less), resources and time (can be harvested in 18 days) to grow compared to conventional alternatives. Creates value from waste.

Stable Price

Our insects are grown in a well-controlled environment, and are not susceptible to weather fluctuations or marine stocks like soy and fish meal.