India's first commercial-scale insect farming business


About Us

INSECTIFii is one of Asia's first commercial-scale, insect farming businesses. 

INSECTIFii uses black soldier fly larvae to convert urban organic waste into high value insect protein, which replaces water and climate intensive plant protein as well as overharvested and depleting fish protein used in animal feed. 

Currently piloting in India, INSECTIFii aims to scale-up to cover South and South-East Asia in quick time.

Our Mission

Using Black Soldier Fly larvae to obtain high-quality insect protein and oil through bioconversion of organic waste.

A commercially feasible and scalable solution using black soldier flies to manage urban waste and make a climate-positive impact in multiple industry sectors and for society.


Growing population, urbanisation and affluence increases the demand for protein and the production of waste.

Increasing protein demand places acute pressure on global land and water resources. It grows increasingly important to reduce the amount of waste produced and create a more sustainable form of agriculture.

Global waste is projected to grow to 3.4 billion tonnes by 2050. In just Bengaluru, India approximately 3,000 tons of organic waste is generated everyday. Rotting organic waste emits methane, contaminate natural systems and are breeding ground for diseases.

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Black Soldier Flies

In recent years, insect protein has grown popular as a means of providing a less environmentally taxing source of proteins for feed. Black soldier flies (BSF) are an ideal alternative to plant protein as they can consume organic waste and convert it into protein rich material. They are non-pest, non-pathogenic and do not bite/sting. BSF larvae can consume organic matter rapidly, are rich in protein and fat and are a ready substitute for soymeal/oil and fishmeal/oil (used in poultry and aquaculture feed and which are environmentally demanding). 

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